Company creation in Bulgaria

Bulgaria has all the potential to be a tax heaven but is not known to be so because of its previous ‘non-business’ communist period. That’s why Bulgaria has no previous business tradition and culture; and is not so well known for its recent business potential, lowest possible tax rates, production cost and living cost. Besides the available business entities are the same here in Bulgaria as elsewhere within the European Union.


Many service providers establishing their companies here provide services worldwide. Using this business model foreign companies generate revenues internationally but pay only 10% corporate tax in Bulgaria. Many other foreign investors have made significant investments in Bulgaria taking advantage of the low labor cost, low cost of setting up a new business, low overhead expenses and other unique mix of advantages that Bulgaria has to offer.


And Bulgaria has a lot to offer! However it’s important to remember that practically it is not so easy to survive in the deep ocean of bureaucracy and corrupt administration without any good and trusted local partner. You will always feel the need of a friend in town. We, at Olsen and Partners, are here to rise up to that status.


We are happy to offer support of every kind regarding company formation here in Bulgaria. Whether it is just to impart information or to take up the whole company creation task in hand. As soon as you hand over to us the responsibility of creating your company from the moment you send the necessary documents our process begins in a timely manner; and your company will be in full function within only 5-7 business days.


Be ready to save money and boost up business growth. Find out here all the details you need to know about company creation in Bulgaria or contact us right now and start asking whatever you want to know. We are ready to help and you don’t bother us with your questions.