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Olsen Payroll: we give you peace of mind

Olsen Payroll is a locally operated payroll company and fully integrated part of Olsen and Partners where personalized service is our top priority. Our customers know they are never alone when dealing with those complicated payroll requirements. Calling to our office you speak directly with a payroll specialist who may assist you with any questions regarding payroll issues.


A 12-month engagement with Olsen Payroll typically includes:


• Preparation of the monthly payroll;
• Monthly tax and social security contributions calculations;
• Monthly and Annual Fillings;
• Preparing and filing employment contracts;
• Foreign employees’ assistance: work permits, withholding taxes, annual certificates, etc.;
• Providing employees with paystubs each pay period;
• Assistance and representation during labor audits;
• Legal assistance and representation at the court in case of trial.


And do not forget: Olsen and Partners is a dedicated accounting & tax firm with a personal touch to our clients. We’re going to provide you services at a superior level – above and beyond your expectations. Way beyond!

Six reasons to outsource your payroll
Peace of mind

Outsourcing payroll gives you the peace of mind of never again worrying about accuracy, tax penalties, late fines, or compliance with the ever changing rules and regulations associated with producing the payroll, facilitating the relations with your employees and all legal assistance your might need regarding the labor force in your Bulgarian company. This convenience means you can focus on running your business and spend less time worrying about the administrative tasks.

2 in 1 service

Correct. Simply, we don´t offer just a payroll service – our payroll service comes with basic legal assistance for your labor contracts and managing relations with your employees. Our payroll associates are not accountants like most payroll providers in Bulgaria. They are dedicated to provide payroll services only, supervised by legal advisor and labor law is their passion. Our skilled team is always available to ensure full legal compliance and to advise you of possible advantages that can be obtained by adequate planning. We can help you manage a complicated situation with your employee, to lay off staff when necessary, to mediate an issue before it goes to court or to provide you a legal assistance (attorney) if you are called in court. We provide integral payroll solutions for your business.

Foreign customers’ experience

The Bulgarian labor legislation and social security systems are very different from the US and European ones. Our Labor Code, remains the same from the Communist era, and it is still valid and in force today. Bureaucracy is widely spread and the penalties for non-compliance are severe. Our team is very familiar with these differences and we can talk to you in your “language” and ensure that your business complies with the local regulations. We are used to working with multinational corporations, communicating with their financial, accounting and payroll departments regarding their entities in Bulgaria. As our client, you will enjoy the Olsen difference.


We offer a comprehensive but flexible package, which means you can custom tailor the options to best suit your company’s needs. As your business grows you can feel secure knowing that we have anticipated your future challenges and any changes necessary will be made seamlessly without interruption.

Cost effective

Costs associated with in-house payroll processing can be reduced or eliminated. Examples of such costs include: payroll software, software maintenance and upgrades, hardware, training, producing forms, and the cost of labor for keeping in-house payroll specialist.

On-Time delivery

Payrolls are completed and delivered on time. You will never have to worry about your payroll not being available for distribution on payday.