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Nothing great in the world was accomplished without passion

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Many people lose the small joys in the hope for the big happiness

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The future is now. It's time to grow up and be strong. Tomorrow may well be too late

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Don´t give up until you drink from a silver cup

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I was having a difficult time selling my company when Olsen and Partners suggested an attorney from their partner firm Hristev & Cherpokov Law Office. Together they negotiated and enhanced the conditions of the deal resulting in 20% more benefits of what had previously been offered. I was amazed. Their expertise won the day. It simply wouldn't have happened without them.

- Alberto Ortega, Entrepreneur, Spain

Olsen’s team strongly believe that everyone has the right to organize their business in a way that protects their assets paying less taxes. But this is not their marketing tool. This is their mindset and spirit.

- Antonis Kiriazis, Entrepreneur, Greece

I'm not kidding guys, Olsen and Partners are really the best in Bulgaria. Before I met them I changed three other providers and the difference is huge, even cannot be compared. Everything begins from the very beginning, they always try to understand your point, your needs and then to look for solution. And always they tell you the truth, no matter if you're gonna like it or not. I'm happy with them, they made my business in Bulgaria much more eficient. Not to say about saved taxes.

- Jose Lacruz, Spain

We contacted many accounting and tax firms in Bulgaria, and Olsen came out on top. We weren't looking for number crunchers; we wanted a firm with strong ideas and the expertise to put them to work. They're not just an accounting firm, they're a powerful asset.

- Moritz Rogger, Agfa Graphics Austria GmbH

Sometimes I think Olsen and Partners coined the term proactive. They are constantly thinking about ways to make your business work better. They recently recommended a tax efficient structure that saved us 43% of the taxes we have paid last year.

- Gabriela Giarola, Com.Int. Spa, Italy

Great ideas do not follow a time clock. At Olsen their associates are always available, always in touch. I've worked with many firms over the years, and when it comes to dedicated client service, Olsen and Partners has raised the bar.

- Cristopher Bridges, Entrepreneur, Los Angeles, USA