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Fiscal residence in Bulgaria
  • 10% corporate flat tax
  • 10% individual income flat tax
  • 0 – 5% dividend tax.


Unbelievable? This is the reality. In addition, Bulgaria is a member of the European Union. As such it recognizes the European Legislation and you can benefit from that aspect too. The country doesn’t have “the fame” of a tax heaven like Luxemburg, Switzerland, Malta or Cyprus and it has never been considered as a tax heaven; it has never been on the black or grey lists of US, OECD, etc. and its banks have never been included on any black lists.


Surely by now you are asking yourself: ‘then why isn’t Bulgaria popular among the wealthy people for diverting money, for saving from taxes, etc.’ Let us tell you why: Bulgaria is a small ex-communist country and we don’t have any traditions in doing business, nobody has advertised us as a tax heaven.


In the last 15 years more and more companies and individuals, mainly from Europe, have realized the advantages Bulgaria has to offer and they have branched out or set up subsidiaries here. Based on our experience Bulgaria is the best fiscal residence country for any service and outsource providers, both companies and individuals – like IT companies, startups, travel agents, Internet traders, etc.


Many service providers and outsourcing companies establish their companies here providing services worldwide. Using this business model foreign companies generate revenues internationally but pay 10% corporate tax in Bulgaria. Many other foreign investors have made significant investments in Bulgaria taking advantage of the low labor cost, low cost of setting up a new business and low overhead expenses.


Think about it! It’s worth the risk. If you have any additional questions we are here to help you. Simply contact us.

In addition to the low taxation rates Bulgaria offers:

• Relatively low overhead costs for your company (office rents, utilities, etc.);
• Low labor costs;
• Inexpensive service sector – including accounting and legal services;
• Fast registration process for new companies (5 days and EUR 30 government fee);
• Less bureaucracy and more freedom for your business;
• Stable banking system – there is no foreign currency risk as the local currency, the Bulgarian Lev (BGN), has a fixed rate to the Euro;
• The common EU system of VAT applies to Bulgaria – the European framework is directly applicable and the directives are fully implemented in the internal legislation;
• Bulgaria has signed agreements to avoid double taxation with 68 countries (including the majority of EU- member states) which prevents withholding tax for most transactions;
• The legal system is based on the continental law;
• Daily flights from/to most of the European capitals and major cities.