Who we are?

Olsen and Partners is a group of incredible people dedicating their time to provide tax and accounting services. Yes, we are accounting & tax firm, but we’re constantly redefining how we can help our clients succeed. At Olsen and Partners, it means going beyond what you would expect from any accounting and tax service firm in Bulgaria. Way beyond.


We serve small business owners every day by helping them start their businesses and serving as an outside general counsel, so they can focus on their products and their clients. We spend our days helping people build companies, build products, create jobs and we look back on a typical week or typical month and it feels pretty good to look at what we’ve accomplished.


Our clients aren’t 20 million dollar companies. Our clients are mainly coming from Europe, US and Canada to take advantage of Bulgarian low taxation and labor costs. They are small European businesses, individuals, the early stage startups, the brother and sister that’s opening their own restaurant, the college roommates that got a great idea for an app and they need help how to set it up and keep it running in a way that they can focus on their product.


Our standard for taking on work isn’t whether we can do something but whether or not we are the best people who know what to do. So we refer out work to other more that work take on. It’s all about having a very specific niche helping a very specific group of people and being the best people at that.


Delivering clear, concise and intelligent financial and tax strategies is the core of what we do. We strongly believe that the true value of a great accounting and tax firm isn’t measured by its size, but by the depth of its commitment to the clients.